The EduBUILD Theatre located on the EduBUILD Expo floor will explore the Future of Educational technology and building design and feature real school case studies exploring everything from the design phase, to building and post-occupancy. All sessions will run on Expo Day 2, Friday 7th June.

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Friday 7th June

10:00am - 10:20am

Adaptable Spaces, Adaptable Teachers

Listen to how the teachers of Russell Lea PS embraced space and place as their new school build opened up. Day 1 of Term 2 this year and how teachers have quickly adapted to their new learning environment, experimenting with change and how it is has impacted on their teaching and learning.

Douha Abdulkhalek, Assistant Principal, Russell Lea Public Schoo
Raizza Aguisanda, ES1 Teacher, Russell Lea Public School
Annalisa Fedele, Stage 1 Teacher, Russell Lea Public School
10:30am – 10:50am

Creating New School Culture

What is it like to start a brand new school on Day 1 of Term 1 2019? Listen to how North Kellyville unwrapped their brand new school build and prepared to start up their new school with a new teaching staff, 100% new enrolments and how in a short operational time, has shaped an amazing school culture within this community.

Tom Moth, Principal, North Kellyville Public School
Kasey-Lea McGill, Deputy Principal, North Kellyville Public School
12:00pm - 12:20pm

Future High School

With a new build at Hunter Sports High school, the school executives have sparked a teacher journey, challenging them to innovate curriculum and embrace future focused learning. Listen as the school discusses their uses of future focused learning spaces, combined with engaging technology tools to change the norm of the high school classroom as well as add depth and innova9on around sporting facilities and programs.

Scott O’Hara, Deputy Principal, Hunter Sports High School
Jason Tait, Head Teacher Technology, Hunter Sports High School
12:30pm - 12:50pm

Innovating Distance Education

How has a new school build impacted the teaching and learning of the teachers who cater for students who don’t attend a physical school environment? Listen to Daniel and Vickie has they discuss how staff at Finigan School of Distance Ed are embracing their new build and creating some truly innovative teaching and learning

Daniel Rattigan, Principal, Finigan School Of Distance Education
Vickie Krikowa, Technology Support, Finigan School Of Distance Education
1:00pm - 1:20pm

Embracing for Change

In three years, your school is set to be built or rebuilt, to encompass future focused learning environments, something completely new and different to what your teaching staff are used to. Listen to how the staff at Prestons Public School have embraced change as they excitedly prepare for their new classrooms. Teachers have built up their skills in future focused pedagogy, collaborative teaching models and opened up space to embrace the new frontier of teaching.

Courtney Higgins, Assistant Principal, Prestons Public School
Jessica Rigas, Classroom Teacher, Prestons Public School

1:30pm - 1:50pm

Innovating the SSP Learning Environment

Jacqueline Lockyer, principal of Yandelora SSP in Narellan will discuss the impacts of a new build can have in an SSP environment, truly catering for the learning needs of all students within the public education system. The journey of Yandelora’s build is nothing short of inspirational, as Jacquie unpacks the story behind this impressive environment.

Jacqueline Lockyer, Principal, Yandelora SSP

2:00pm - 2:20pm

Principal’s Perspectives

Joann Sayers, principal of Rainbow Street Public School will discuss the journey of a new build, from planning to construction to moving to teaching. Her insight into the process of rebuilding and developing new innovative teaching and learning spaces will open up how a build comes to life and the next steps in the build journey.

Joann Sayers, Principal, Rainbow Street Public School