EduBUILD is . . . 

Australia’s largest education buildings and infrastructure conference and trade show for education leaders and decision-makers involved in design, construction, renovation, maintenance, operation and management of buildings for schools, colleges and universities. The event brings together every stakeholder across the entire ecosystem involve with the creation and rejuvenation of learning spaces that encourage creativity, innovation, collaboration, socialisation and health & wellbeing.
  • See the latest and technologies in collaborative working and learning spaces 
  • Discover technology assisted asset and facilities management
  • Learn about high-rise schools and how you can make the most of tight spaces
  • Find out about smart and healthy buildings
  • Update your learning spaces to reflect 21st century learning
  • Find out how to design, construct and manage your learning infrastructure
  • Find out how to seamlessly meld technology with learning through environmental design
  • See how to shift learners from the virtual to the physical and return through physical shape, and experience
  • Discover how to foster social connectedness through physical design

Topics include:

  • Contemporary design - Australian vs international - and the latest understandings on the effects on learning
  • Environmental effects on learning outcomes
  • Digital modelling
  • Smart buildings
  • Funding models, including PPP's
  • Vertical schools
  • Challenge and opportunities - state by state
  • Facilities management
  • Procurement updates