Anne Knock | Education Consultant
The Future of Learning & Learning Environments | Australia

Anne Knock, Education Consultant, The Future of Learning & Learning Environments

Anne has been actively engaged in education for more than three decades. She commenced her career as a primary school teacher, and has held roles in system administration, as well as consulting with schools in Australia, Europe and Asia. Anne is currently undertaking a PhD, with a focus on leading and supporting change in innovative learning environments through the University of Melbourne


Day 1 @ 15:00

Shaping learning environments through collective collaboration

  • Learning Environments Australasia help professionals work together to build better learning environments
  • Their mission is to facilitate the relationship between Learning and Place to build better schools & universities
  • Discover key insights into how Learning Environments Australasia helps foster collective collaboration 

Day 1 @ 15:40

Change management: navigating the people factor within a building project

  • Starting early for effective change management
  • Stakeholder management of staff, teachers, parents and the local community to bring them along on the journey
  • Strategies to implement

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