Denise Kirkpatrick | Deputy VC & Vice-President (Academic)
Western Sydney University | Australia

Denise Kirkpatrick, Deputy VC & Vice-President (Academic), Western Sydney University

Professor Denise Kirkpatrick is Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President (Academic) at Western Sydney University and is responsible for providing senior level leadership of the University's academic portfolio, International, oversight of the Western Sydney University College and newly established Western Sydney University International College.
Denise has worked as a senior executive in universities in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has led distance education and strategy at leading distance education universities and has extensive experience leading innovation in learning and teaching, eLearning and quality assurance in distance and face to face contexts.
Denise has a PhD in learning and teaching and has worked as a consultant in Australia, Europe, South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. She has been an international auditor for a number of Quality Assurance bodies. She researches and publishes in the fields of open, distance and e-learning, and quality in Higher Education.


Day 1 @ 12:20

Western Sydney University’s vertical campus initiative: space optimisation and improvement

Space optimisation is an ongoing challenge for educational institutions. Western Sydney University (WSU) has actively sought to improve its space utilisation to enhance student engagement and experience.  This WSU case study will present the design principles and discuss learnings from Western’s vertical campus initiative.  Questions which will be addressed include:
  • Why consider a vertical campus?
  • What do current vertical campuses look like?
  • What are some key design features in vertical campuses?
  • How can space usage be optimised in a vertical campus model?

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