Gary White | Chief Planner
Department of Planning | Australia

Gary White, Chief Planner, Department of Planning

As Chief Planner for the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Gary is responsible for overseeing projects that will deliver an easier and more strategic focussed planning system as well as providing expert advice on projects that will help our communities in the long term.   
With 40 years planning experience in both the private sector and Government, Gary has held some of the most senior planning positions in both NSW and Queensland. This includes City Planner for Ipswich City Council, Deputy Director-General for Queensland’s Department of Infrastructure and since November 2015, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s first Chief Planner.

Gary is recognised nationally for his contribution to planning and recently the Planning Institute of Australia bestowed Gary with the ‘NSW Planner of the Year 2017’ and the ‘National Planner of the Year 2018’ awards, both acknowledging his outstanding achievements in planning.

“I’ve never doubted my enthusiasm for great planning. My favourite mythical theme aligned to my planning thinking is the phoenix, a creature which despite changes and challenges can keep reinventing itself.”


EduBUILD Day 1 @ 13:40

Planning for the future – trends and key issues

  • Global drives influencing the future of our urban areas and cities
  • A strategic planning approach to managing change and growth across NSW
  • The implications for the provision of educational facilities and services in the context of significant change.
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