Matthew Greene | Head Of Education
Paynter Dixon Constructions Pty Limited | Australia

Matthew Greene, Head Of Education, Paynter Dixon Constructions Pty Limited

Matthew joined Paynter Dixon in 2003 as one of the company’s key design architects. He has had a long-standing credible record in the design and construction industry. Matthew manages schematic design proposals and developments. Matthew’s strengths include conceptual design, space planning, site masterplanning, external design, finishes and details, and ecologically sustainable design principles.


EduBUILD Day 1 @ 15:10

Masterplanning - more than just architecture

Paynter Dixon will share their considerable experience in the process of masterplanning schools to explain thatit's more than just architecture. Using real examples this presentation will explore the importance of getting your staff on board, linking your master plan to your pedagogical approach,facility condition assessments, community engagement, incorporating a digital master plan and much more.
last published: 18/Apr/19 06:06 GMT

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